Announcing The "2022 UNDERGROUND HEALTH" Summit
Hosted Online & Re-Broadcasted November 14th, 15th & 16th, 2022 
27 Of The World's Best Experts Come Together In This FREE "Underground Health Summit" To Share Powerful 
Suppressed Healing Secrets
"Underground Health" Summit Speakers Have Been Featured On...
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 THIS FREE SUMMIT SHOWS YOU suppressed secrets of removing cellular poisons, NEVER GETting SICK AGAIN & Healing with energy 
Meet Your Host
Theo Lucier - 
Modern “healthcare” is a scam.

Driven by profit, allopathic medicine seeks only to manage disease - not cure it. 

And while bought and paid for media shoves symptom treatment drug ads down your throat…the natural health cures that have been suppressed for decades are slowly being forgotten.

Did you know, Royal Raymond Rife way back in the 1930’s built a machine that effectively reversed cancer in terminal patients - the LA Times even did a piece on it. 

Well that promptly got the government’s attention and Royal Rife ended up broke, his lab burned down, and prematurely dead

The thing is, his secrets live on - and THAT is what the 2021 Underground Health Summit is all about!

I've brought together 27 leading, natural health experts...and each one is revealing suppressed health secrets. 

You’re about to learn POWERFUL, natural health secrets driven underground by the system … and how to put them to work for yourself with simple, actionable steps. 

You can start feeling better today. And that's why I decided to host this summit.

My goal with this summit is to give you a complete breakdown on what to do for DETOX, NATURAL IMMUNITY & ENERGETIC HEALING.

This information changed my life, and I believe it will do the same for you.

P.S.-Did you know there used to be entirely homeopathic hospitals in the US? And that the founder of homeopathy is the only MD to ever get a statue in Washington DC? 

P.P.S- And that over half of MD's used electromedicine, which has vanished from the medical profession? 

Learn about these two fascinating arts and much, much more!
Here's Just A small Sample Of What Will Be Covered During The Summit
  • Ancient druids used a wild herb that’s better than CBD for calming down your mind 
  • ​Discover What 5G Actually is...& it's NOT What You Think
  • ​The Hardware You Need to Stucture Your Water
  • ​How "Practical Homeopathy" Saved Thousands in India  
  • ​The Sick Truth of Fake Blue Zones & What REALLY Gets You to 100 Years of Age
  • ​Our Entire Medical System Is Based On Germ Theory - Why It's Wrong & Why Terrain Theory Is Right
  • ​Why You Should & How To Nebulize Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • ​Pemmican! Learn How To Make This American Indian Superfood
  • Why You Should Add OZONE to Your Health Routine & HOW To Do It (2 experts)
  • ​How your gut bacteria can cause depression
  • The Hidden Story of a French Scientist Who "Solved" Viral Infections 122 Years Ago
  • ​How to Defend Against Spike Proteins
  • ​Purge Toxic Biofilms from Your Body? Yep, for Pennies 
  • ​An Inexpensive & Easy Way to Neutralize the Worst EMF Offender In Your Home 
  • Which Uncommon Herbs Naturally Repair Your Overstressed Immune System
  • ​​This Cheap Nutrient Kills Viruses on Contact by Pulling Them Apart 
  • Do you Know the 4  Surprising Hidden Signs of Mold Toxicity 
  • ​Discover how overexposure to EMF's can make you "stuck" in fight or flight mode & why you may never recover from burnout, stress or anxiety
  • Naturally Produce a 600% Increase of Glutathione in Your Body Without Supplements 
See Who Is Speaking At The 
Underground health Summit
Hosted ONLINE November 15th, 15th & 16th Starting At 9am Pacific
Nick Pineault  
The EMF Guy
How EMF Exposure Physically Harms You, How to Defend Against It & the Truth About 5G
Dr Thomas Levy 
 Orthomolecular Medicine, Author
Antioxidants are Antitoxins, Why Orthomolecular was Suppressed & Hydrogen Peroxide 
Hilda Labrada Gore
Holistic Hilda 
How a 1920's Dentist Figured Out the Perfect Diet For Humans
Logan Christopher 
Lost Empire Herbs
Performance Herbalism for Natural Immunity
Dr Pawluk
The Truth About Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy- How It Works,Why You Need It
Nathan Crane 
Nathan Crane
The "Inside Out" of Cancer, Why More Kids Are Getting Cancer & Toxins
Dr Bill McGraw
RIFE Therapy 
In the 1930's Royal Rife Discovered "Noise Cancelling Headphones" - but for Disease! 
Lisa Jendza 
Freedom Kitchen
Detox, Food & Your Kitchen - 3 Simple Steps Anyone Can Take
Siim Land 
World Class Biohacker
The Hard Truth of Fasting/Fasting & Natural Immunity 
Dr Anne Marie Fine
Frequency Specific Microcurrents
Jumpstart Your Health Recovery Using Functional Energetic Medicine 
Dr Gupta
Hashimoto's Reversal Wizard
The Signs of Hashimotos & How Gut Health is Related
Eileen Durfee
Coffee Enema Detox Expert
WW1, Coffee Enemas & How they Give You a 600% Increase in Glutathione  
Micah Lowe
Simply O3, Drs Ozone
How to Get "Real Ozone" In Your Body & What Chronic Conditions it Reverses 
Dr Lauryn Lax
Mold Detox & Recovery Expert
Warning Signs of Mold in Your Body & the Real Secret - Mast Cell Activation 
Carrie Lupoli 
Disruptive Nutrition
A Simple, Sustainable & SATISFYING Way of Eating that Includes Carbs
Holland Franklin
Holland Franklin
The Subtle Energy Health Crisis That Is Triggering A Cascade Of Health Issues In Your Body
Patrick Durkin 
The Wellness Enterprise
The Energetics of Structured Water & How to Make it in Your Own Home
Dr Achina Stein
What If It's Not Depression? 
The Surprising (physical) Root Cause of Depression & How to Fix It
Mike Bruce 
Life Starts With Food
Why You Should Try Carnivore Diet & How To Do It
Tricia Nelson 
Emotional Eating Expert 
The 3 Reasons We Emotionally Eat & How To Recognize the Signs
Dr Wendie Trubow
Dirty Girl: Ditch The Toxins (book)
The (Surprisingly) Hidden Signs of a Toxic Body 
Ryan Sternagel 
Holistic Cancer & Eczema Expert
How The "Stern Method" Worked in Real Time to Save His Child - & Why it Matters for You More than Ever 
Caroline Angel 
Centernarian Secrets 
The Sick Truth of Fake Blue Zones & What Centernarians Really Eat
Dr Kirk Gair
Laser Therapy
"Fixes Damn Near Anything" The Why & How Of Adding Energy To Your Cells Using Cold Lasers
Dr Sharon Stills

Terrain Theory, Germ Theory & Natural Immunity 
Joette Calabrese
Practical Homeopathy 
Homeopathy Doesn't Have to be Hard!  Plus the Hidden History of Homeopathic Hospitals in the US 
Dr Judy Seeger
Antiaging & Ozone Expert
Rapidly Repairing Yourself With Ozone (advanced)
Day 2: DETOX 
27 Of The World's Best Experts Come Together In This FREE "Underground Health Summit" To Give You A Complete Breakdown On 3 Categories of Suppressed Health Secrets 
Frequently Asked Questions
 Where does this summit take place?
The Underground Health Summit takes place online and you can watch it 100% from the comfort of your own home. You’ll get to watch all the videos online. 
 How many speakers will there be? 
We have 27  amazing underground health experts who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with us during the course of the summit.
 Will I be able to watch recordings if I can’t attend live? 
Yes you sure can, but you’ll need to make sure you upgrade your free pass to the "All-Access Pass", which includes bonus interviews. You’ll have the option to do that on the next page, after you claim your free ticket. 
 How is this summit different?  
All of our speakers are truly experienced in therapies you won't see anywhere else. Many are doctors who saw the light and transformed their practice. They each offer a unique lens into practical steps you can take to feel better today. You’ll be getting step-by-step knowledge and resources straight from their mouth.